Kivu’s 1 million users journey

There are some milestones that are forever remembered in each of our lives. From the first big trip to graduation night and the birth of a child. Many are still able to feel the emotion of that moment, even years later.

In the life of a company these moments are different but the feeling is the same. And we at Rydoo will forever remember the joy and sense of fulfilment we had when in the final stretch of 2020 we reached the mark of one million users.

The Dream

Kivu was born in 2018 from the marriage of three companies, the Belgian Expenditure, the French Sodexo and the Polish albatross.

“By the time of the acquisition, Expenditure had around 75 employees and 4 offices. It was all very embryonic, but our will to grow and transform financial departments around the world was greater than any other challenge.” said Charlotte Counterman’s, one of our first employees and current Sales Operations Manager.

And the dream came true. Three years later, Kivu already has offices in seven different countries, has a staff of over 300 employees and helps financial executives in 195 countries around the world. On top of that, we have strong clients such as Deloitte, Burger King, Land Rover, Ineos, Komatsu,  Baloise Insurance, Miele, Swiss, Haribo, Jaguar, Lidl, among others.

One of the greatest reasons to be proud is our community of #rydoolovers around the globe. They’ve joined us thanks to our great informal and personal culture and thanks to our hard work to maintain a high level of satisfaction.

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