Who We Are

OpMoSys is a cloud-based mobile payment and messaging company that enables utilities to deploy comprehensive and fully integrated mobile solutions and services. Our Mobile Transaction Platform is operating system and device independent (i.e. iOS and Android). As utility companies around the world ramp up to deploy mobile payment and text alert solutions of all kinds, our platform gives them the competitive edge required for rapid Mobile deployment while controlling cost and increasing bottom-line growth.

What We Do

OpMoSys cloud-based Mobile Transactions Platform takes advantage of existing mobile device capabilities such as mobile apps, text messaging, USSD, NFC and scanning with a built-in camera to perform bi-directional mobile transactions. Our Mobile transaction platform also serves as the middleware component between your enterprise back-end solutions and your customer's mobile devices. OpMoSys proprietary low cost and low friction entry point solutions will help your organization leverage the immense opportunities of the most innovative medium of our time to increase your ROI and extend your reach into the marketplace

How It Works

OpMoSys secured and encrypted Mobile Transaction Platform serves as a bi-directional funnel that is able to connect your enterprise back-end systems with your customer's mobile devices. The transaction flow can be via app to cloud, SMS (text messaging), USSD, barcode or even NFC. Once the transaction hits our cloud, we are able to process the data and submit the results to your enterprise back-end systems based on defined rules and algorithms. We can also pickup data from your enterprise back-end systems, process the data based on defined rules and algorithms and submit the results to a customer's Mobile device.


OpMoSys simply makes it easy for your organization to deploy enterprise grade high quality mobile initiatives within a fraction of the usual development time for a fraction of the usual cost. We understand that in order to fully engage your users via mobile, you will need to either gather data from them or transmit data to them, via simple api calls, you are able to push data to and get data from your users leveraging our Mobile transaction platform. We can even build the mobile apps for you or you can use one of our white lable apps to make the connections to your back-end systems. This method of enterprise mobile apps deployment also allow for comprehensive asynchronous transaction processing. This means, even if there are connectivity issues between your back-end systems and your Mobile users, transactions will flow from either directions and queued up to be processed when connections are restored.


"Bring interactivity to the way patients refill their prescription while on the go"

"Leverage current mobile technologies to get paid faster while providing real time mobile payment service to your customers on the go"

"Help your customers pay their utilities bills a little faster while allowing for efficient inclement weather alerts"