Kivu card reconcilation


Kivu Expense offers a robust and easy to use solution that makes credit card integration and reconciliation for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX & Microsoft Dynamics NAV super simple. This is ideal for customers who have switched from QuickBooks and are looking for a credit card reconciliation feature similar to the one available in QuickBooks.

Using the solution, the user imports the credit card electronic statement into Kivu Expense; the application auto-completes the transactions; and finally the user can send the credit card expenses to GP, AX or NAV with a click of a button. We also integrate with various other accounting systems.

The Result? Huge time savings for AP, no more manual work, error-free reconciliation & full visibility of P-card spend to stakeholders.


Kivu Expense offers several advantages for companies looking to automate Purchase Card Reconciliation. Here are the key advantages-

  • Import credit card statements automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Auto-magically complete transactions – using an intelligent algorithm expense categories and other data like department, cost center etc. is already mapped
  • 1-click Microsoft Dynamics ERP Integration
  • No more duplicates
  • 100% visibility for key stakeholders is provided by Kivu Expense Analytics & Reporting
  • Maintain and manage credit card data in a secure environment
  • 1000’s of transactions are reconciled within minutes!
  • We specialize in configuring our solution to unique customer requirements.


Our friendly (and prompt) sales team would be more than happy to discuss your requirements / provide more info / schedule a live demo. Feel free to contact us at sales@opmosys.com

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