Mobile Utilities

OpMoSys mobile utilities service is designed to remove the complexities of allowing customers to pay their monthly bills. Today, most customers pay their monthly bill via checks or online bank bill payment service regardless of the fact that over 98% of household heads have a cell phone. The reality is, 70% of banks still send manual checks to vendors, while this option provide some ease and comfort to the consumer, it does not help the vendor, in some cases, it may even increase the actual time it takes to clear a check. OpMoSys Mobile Utilities service will simply send a message directly to your customer's mobile phone and allow them to make their payment within seconds. Vendors also get their remittance instantly eliminating the need to wait for a check to clear.

- Extend your company's mobile reach and get paid faster
- Improve your cash flow positions
- Decrease your cost of processing customer payment and clearing checks
- OpMoSys mobile technology will send the bills directly to your customer's mobile phone while allowing customers to make easy mobile

Mobile Payment

OpMoSys Mobile payment brings a new dimension to global utility companies. Our fully encrypted cloud based solution can be leveraged to facilitate smooth and easy purchasing on your web or mobile site or even in your mobile app. Our payment solution can also be vital in sending invoices and paying recurring bills.

- Minimize development and integration time to a few days instead of months
- Process payment without a site re-direct requirements
- Process orders faster and more efficiently
- No need to wait for EFT and bank deposits
- Create additional sales channel by fully engaging customers via mobile
- Send monthly bills directly to customer mobile phone and get your payment within seconds

Mobile Platform Integration

OpMoSys cloud base mobile enterprise platform is the foundation upon which all of our services are built. Our platform allows for bi-directional mobile transaction processing regardless of carrier, network type, OS or phone manufacturer. Our platform can receive and process data from all of the standard web formats API available today.

Mobile Strategic Consulting

As mobile becomes an integral part of every corporate strategy, Executives are finding significant value in Mobile strategic consulting services. OpMoSys can help your organization identify areas of opportunities where mobile can be fully leveraged while minimizing costs. In addition, we can also help you with the development and deployment of your entire mobile strategy.

Mobile Application Development

OpMoSys large library for modules and codes give us the advantage of building and deploying custom apps in days instead of months regardless of OS. Our expertise also leads to significant costs savings while you enjoy the quality of our expert development team, Project managers, System Analyst and Account Managements.